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“Bottom Bumper” Fishing Jigs

  • Arky-type head
  • Baked-on chip proof powder paint
  • "Hole-In-One" Skirt
  • Owner centering pin spring
  • 6/0 Ultra Point Black Nickel Hook

Our newest innovation is our "Bottom Bumper" jig, and it can be fished several different ways. You can swim it and let it bump the bottom every now and then or you can flip it. We put an oversized 6/0 heavy duty ultra point Mustad hook in it and also put an owner centering pin spring in the eye of the hook. Then we are putting a "Hole In One" skirt on it. They come with the skirt already on the jig, ready to fish. All you have to do is add your favorite trailer.

(Click on image to enlarge)
Bottom Bumper-no skirt
Bottom Bumper - No Skirt

Bottom Bumper Olive-Blk-WtrSeed-Pur-Green
Bottom Bumper-Olive Pumpkin/Black-
Watermelon Seed-purple-green skirt

Bottom Bumper-Watermelon Rind/Black/Seed/Pur/Green
Bottom Bumper-Wtrmln Rind/Black/
Wtrmln Seed/Purple/Green Skirt

Bottom Bumper-Green Pumpkin/Black/Purple
Bottom Bumper - Green Pumpkin/
Black/Purble Skirt

Bottom Bumper-green/natural chartreuse
Bottom Bumper - Green Pumpkin (tiger
)track)/Natural Chartreuse Skirt

Bottom Bumper-Watermelon/Blaze Orange Skirt
Bottom Bumper - Watermelon/
Blaze Orange Skirt

Bottom Bumper-no skirt
Bottom Bumper - Natural Chartreuse/
Watermelon Seed Skirt

Bottom Bumper-black/emerald skirt
Bottom Bumper - Black/Emerald Skirt

Bottom Bumper-black/blue skirt
Bottom Bumper - Black//Blue Skirt

Bottom Bumper-Tennessee Craw
Bottom Bumper - Tennessee
Craw Skirt

Bottom Bumper-Texas craw skirt
Bottom Bumper - Texas Craw Skirt

Bottom Bumper 1
Rigged Bottom Bumper - 1st view

Bottom Bumper 2
Rigged Bottom Bumper - 2nd view

Bottom Bumper
$2.99 each
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