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Wilt Williams - 21 inch smallmouth caught with Tourney Jig

Dear Carl,

This letter is to "Thank You" for your great hair jigs. I first started using them in July of 2004 and have had great success with them this year. My clients boated over ten smallmouth bass on the John Day River in Oregon that were over four pounds. The biggest was a whopper that was 21 1/4" long caught by Wilt Williams of San Diego, Ca.

We fish the hair jigs very slow on the bottom sometimes without a trailer, but most times with a 4" double-tail grub. We use Smelly Jelly scent mixed with the new Ultrabite (black bass) and pour it right on the hair jig. This is a very effective technique for us, because you use such a generous amount of hair in making your jigs. The smallmouth bass crush the jig and it makes it easy for some of our clients who don't fish much to hook a "fish of a lifetime." Another good thing about your hair jig design is it seldom snags up on the bottom.

Again, "Thanks" for making and selling such a great hair jig. Keep up the good work.

Your Bassin' Buddy,
Steve Fleming
Mah-Hah Outfitters
Fossil, Or. 97830

Gary Blaser - smallmouth caught with Tourny Jig

Dear Carl,

I purchased some hair jigs from you, and would like to say they are awesome! I cannot believe how well they work on the smallmouth I fish for in Oregon. I have tried a lot of different jigs, and none work as well as the ones you make. Since using the jigs, my partner and I have consistently placed higher in the tournaments we fish, and it has become my go-to bait. The quality of fish I catch is considerably better, I have out fished my partner 10 to 1 out of the back of his boat using one of your hair jigs when he was using a different brand. I am also pleased how quickly I received your product, from the time I placed the order to the time I received them was amazing!

So I would like to say thank you for making a quality product at an affordable price!

Gary Blaser
Portland, Oregon

Dear Tourney Jigs,

I just received my order and I have to say I don't usually do this, but I just have to respond and let you know that these jigs I received are, by far, the best quality jigs I have ever seen. I have bought many jigs over the years from many very reputable companies, but I have never seen jigs like these. The colors, shapes and sizes are for sure nothing short of fascinating. I have to say the colors are the most realistic. I do a lot of bass fishing and really got turned on to smallmouth just last year and have searched for the perfect smallmouth jigs for along time. I ran across your site while surfing the web for good jigs and "my gosh", I found them. I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your product and cannot wait until I have the opportunity to use them. I know they will be awesome. I will let you know. I can't end without also mentioning the great price these jigs sell for. I have never found this type of quality at such a great price. My friends have seen them and I can promise a lot more orders. You definitely have my business for good. Thanks again.

James Williams

I have fished with jigs almost exclusively since I became a tournament fisherman. I have gone through hundreds of dollars in the latest jigs and trailers. My cost was cut dramatically when I began fishing with Tourney hair jigs. There is no need to buy every color and style of trailer because the magic is in the jig itself. I have never seen better action from a hair jig than these. I have been using these jigs for about 5 months and I have weighed my biggest largemouth and smallmouth ever, both came on the Tourney Jigs. These jigs have made fishing more fun and exciting for me.

Derek Turner

Missouri fishinhg lakes

We have a private pay Missouri fishing lakes resort near the border of Missouri and Kansas and call it Angler's Paradise. Our fishing lake impoundments were created from old strip mines and are filled with rock and wood cover. This provides us with some of the best trophy fishing here in Missouri. When clients ask us what works best for catching trophy bass in our lakes, we tell them to use black jigs with a blue trailer. Given the large amount of cover we have in the fishing lake, our benchmark for a quality fishing jig is based on how long one is able to keep the jig on the end of the line. We find Tourney Jigs are some of the best fishing jigs in this department. We also find Tourney Jigs quality of manufacture is consistent and dependable. Our first recommendation to our customers for high quality fishing jigs is Tourney Jigs!

Ayden Ball - largemouth bass caught with Tourney Jig shakey head fishing jig.

Ayden's big ole bass caught on your shakey head!

This was caught today by my Son Ayden Ball - 8 yrs old and was his first time using Easter Bunny provided Culprit 7.5" Tomato using your shakey head jig casted by himself with Santa Claus provided St Croix rod and Quantum Acura. This his second largest large mouth :-) Needless to say, he is a life long advocate of Tourney Jigs.

He would be tickled if you guys would post this on your site for him.

Ayden Ball
Burlington, NC

Fishing with shakey head fishing jig made by Tourney Jig.


I hope you are doing well. I have been doing great myself but I have had some sickness in the family since before Christmas so I have been leaving it up to my friends to catch the big ones. I am ready to start up again. I just ordered more of your shakey head fishing jigs for myself and a friend of mine. He used a 3/16 football head that I let him try and caught this 8 plus lb this past Monday. He wanted me to order him some more. The smaller size has been working well in the shallow water rigged with a lizard and mag. Trick worm I attached a picture of the fish caught in Richland Creek. I thought you might be interested. Have a great day. Thanks!

Hubert Mitchell
Brentwood, TN

All caught with Tourney fishing jigs!

Sandy Wolpert - 19 1/4 inch smallmouth bass caught with Tourney Fishing Jig John Taranto - 18 1/2 inch smallmouth bass caught with Tourney Fishing Jig Brent Nelson - 18 1/2 inch smallmouth bass caught with Tourney Fishing Jig

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